This is my attempt at compiling all the info about my primary Gamma World campaign setting. The Grace Lands are basically the Mid-South region of the United States several hundred years after an apocalyptic war. The residents of this world are the evolved survivors of germ and nuclear warfare. The weather patterns and landscape of the earth we know are slightly different than those in this world (that I love to cliche’ by calling Gamma Terra).

As a game master I particularly enjoy borrowing from pop culture and from my own personal “geekdom” to apply names of places, things, orgnizations and events; you’ll see this throughout the wiki pages. By its nature, Gamma World is suited for this unabashed parody while not leaving one feeling guilty or corny for having done so.

All editions of Gamma World were used to create the foundation for this backdrop, as well as Darwin’s World and any other post-apocalyptic game, movie, comic, novel or reference material I have run across since I was 5 years old.

I’ll put more here as I move forward with my creativity…

The Grace Lands