A symbiot slime mold.


Slime Mold – symbiot

Class: Telepath
Level: 8

Str 1
Dex 1
Con 13
Int 13
Wis 15
Chr 18

Fort save: +3
Ref save: -3
Will save: +8

Hp: 35

A/C – depends on the host

Zingo’s retains complete control of his host after 7 successful saves against mind control. THe creature makes one save per day (non-threatening situations) and/or one save per round of combat (or before a threatening situation). The host retains any and all physical powers, but loses any inherent psionic abilities. All physical damage to the host is taken at full value (for the host itself) but halved for Zingo. Any psionic damage is taken at full value for Zingo, as is any cold damage or sonic damage. Zingo is highly intolerant of cold weather, suffering double the normal damage when exposed to the elements (below 50 degrees).


Zingo is a slime mold that “finds” a host and attaches to the brain stem, taking over all motor and decision-making functionality. With a host of psionic powers, Zingo communicates via telepathy.

When engaged in a symbiotic relationship, a prominenet rash appears on the hosts skin in various places. This green-orange eczema is purely aesthetic and does not itch, hurt or otherwise impede the hosts functioning.

When detached from his host, Zingo immediately loses consciousness and enters a state of hybernation. While in this state, his automatic core systems take over. When living creatures pass by, a spore cloud is released. The tiny spores act as a powerful sedative, rendering the host into a deep slumber. When the spore cloud is released, sticky, vine like “appendages” sprout and attach themselves to the host. Drawing himself to the host, Zingo then attaches himself to the base of the next and inserts hundreds of tiny scilla-like connectors. THese connectors gradually work their way to the brain stem whereby he can completely control the organism.

Several seasons ago, Zingo “woke up” to find that he had attached to the pet dog of Johannsen Jakes, the Hopkin’s town Elder. Through the course of time, Zingo (which was the dog’s name, he just adopted it since his name cannot be pronounced by most) revealed himself to Johannsen and they developed a cautious, but close friendship. When the dog – Zingo’s host – died by being mauled by a Fire Eater, Zingo took the Fire Eater’s cub as a host. Johannsen understood that wild animals wandering through town would raise concern, so he gave Zingo a white bandana to wear. This way, no matter what form of host he took, the citizens of Hopkins would not react in a hostile manner (provided they saw the bandana, of course).


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