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Gamma Terra – A History of the World (through excerpts of prized literature of the Grace Lands)

No one really knows how it happened. There is evidence that a great race of men existed. Not only do we have stories passed down to us through the generations, but we have the Ruins. Some one had to have built them…
Some stories say that demons sailed from the moon and ravaged the lands. Other tales speak about great wars between races of men where the earth was laid waste by incredible weapons and live metal. Still others say that the earth itself revolted from the foul and evil ways of men.
Regardless of how, we are here now and have to survive and grow. There are as many different forms of sentient life as there are stars in the sky. We all grow up watching the rainbow of flickering colors in the night sky. We all learn that the Curse can kill you and is still very much alive in some of the ruined cities of the Ancients. And we all accept that hope is worth about as much as we are willing to invest our time and efforts.
- From The Autobiography of Sara published 35 years ago

The loss of so much of man’s knowledge and records has shrouded the world in ignorance and superstition. Areas containing ruins of man’s once great civilization are often looked upon as taboo Deathlands and the men and women that once lived there are referred to as the Ancients, usually with quasi-religious overtones.
The pockets of humanity that have survived are few, scattered throughout a world where a moment’s lack of caution may mean instant and painful death. Men are highly suspicious of strangers and occassionally jealous of each other’s possessions. Clandestine organizations with incongruent ideologies and goals, plot and scheme against each other.
- An excerpt from A Treatise on Our Past by professor Lex Luthor of University’s High School

In approximately AD 2200, the cataclysm rocked the earth. For reasons long forgotten, bombs exploded, insidious poisons were released into the atmosphere and viruses of living death were unleashed upon humanity. The devastation was unimaginable. The forces of destruction forever altered the face of our green planet. Continents shifted, rivers changed course, and ecosystems adapted or perished.
Several centuries later, the earth is making a recovery. Pockets of civilization are forming, crawling out of hundreds of years of barbarism. The printing press and gunpowder have just been reinvented.
In this strange new world, heroes of epic proportion are needed to tame the wild frontiers and challenge the unknown. Such heroes have arisen from the new species of the planet: strangely altered humans, and intelligent, mutated animals and plants. Indeed, humankind is no longer alone on earth. Intelligence is a common attribute among these new species.
There is much work to be done in this devastated world. Not all the species on earth want to see the rebirth of a peaceful, cooperative civilization… The heroes of this time struggle to find and master the artifacts of the precataclysmic world. These mysterious devices hold great power. They are the key to rebuilding civilization – or destroying it.
Montroy Nickleback, current Headmaster of University’s High School (an excerpt from the preface of The Book of Tay-Lor )

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